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Rayna Bidwell

Growing up I always had a love for nature, and spent much of my time as a kid playing outside. Ever since I was young, I’ve had a particularly affinity for the less appreciated creatures of the world: bugs, toads, snakes, etc. It was always my goal to convince those around me that these animals were to be admired, not feared. It’s a goal I still hold onto today, and strive to achieve through education and exposure. 

In school I’ve always gravitated towards science and art, gaining experience with scientific research through St. Lawrence University. 

William (Will) de Chabert

Hello, my name is William (Will) de Chabert and I am a proposed double major in Conservation Biology and Business in the Liberal Arts with a minor in African Studies. I am currently entering my sophomore year at St. Lawrence University. I will be studying abroad during the 2023 fall semester as part of the Kenya Semester Program (KSP). When not occupied by my studies you can find me playing tennis as part of the men's varsity team or in the reptile and amphibian animal and retirement home working to provide animal care under Dr. Hoffman.

Jane Krausman

My name is Jane and I just recently graduated from St. Lawrence University in May 2023 with a major in conservation biology and minor in public health. I chose this area of study because I am passionate about the study of One Health, which highlights the intersections between human, animal, and ecosystem health. I was first introduced to the study of One Health during an internship at a wildlife clinic in 2020. In 2021, I took a class called "Food from the Sea" which allowed me to explore topics related to ocean conservation.

Drew Racioppa

My name is Drew Racioppa, a senior at St Lawrence University. In my 21 years of life, I have really come to value the education of experience. I realized as a teenager that to help change the world, you have to see it. You have to feel the water, see the birds, learn the language, bake the bread. I became obsessed with communication and how people from different cultures interact. I have studied mangroves in Kenya with the Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute and worked on the highest continuous peak planting native mamane trees on Mauna Kea in Hawai'i.

Julia Sirois

Julia is a student in the class of 2023 at SLU and is completing her studies as a Conservation Biology major and German Studies minor. She enjoys participating in the training and application of wildlife detector dogs as survey technique in the field. Her interest in working with dogs melded well with her interest in Herpetology and led to the generation of a pilot research project using a detector dog to locate threatened species of turtles.

Kayla Edmunds

Kayla Edmunds '21 majored in Conservation Biology and minored in African Studies. She is particularly interested in Entomology and completed a Senior Year Experience in Fall '20 on the phenology and dispersal of Proctacanthus robber flies (Diptera: Asilidae) in St. Lawrence County. Her SLU Fellowship builds upon this experience while studying Lasiopogon currani, another unique robber fly species.

Cole Weigartz

Cole Weigartz is part of the Class of 2021 and is majoring in Conservation Biology. He is particularly interested in studying mammals and forest ecology. During his summer fellowship, he studied habitat preferences for porcupines, which he will continue during his senior year. After graduating, he plans on continuing his studies and completing a Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology. Although he enjoys doing lots of outdoors fieldwork, he also enjoys crocheting, video games, and being a TA for General Biology.