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Dakota Lazore

Hello, my name is Dakota Lazore, class of 2024. I'm a first generation college student from the Akwesasne reservation an hour away from St. Lawrence University. I'm planning to major in biology, and after I graduate from SLU I plan to attend medical school to become a Radiologist. 

Rae Dunbar

Rae Dunbar, Class of 22 at St. Lawrence University, is an Environmental Studies and Biology Combined Major and math minor. Dunbar is active in Thelmo Student Government as Environmental Affairs Chair and DIVEST Environmental Club. She is also a Biology Department Teaching Assistant, 1st chair Alto Saxophone in the SLU Wind Ensemble, and a member of the SLU Cycling Club, Tri Beta Biology Honor Society, and ODK Society.

Karina Bellavia

Karina Bellavia '22 is a biology major with an interest in entomology. During her summer research, she studied the behavior of the robber fly species Lasiopogon currani at Glenmeal State Forest, NY. Karina is continuing her research as an Honors thesis throughout her senior year. She also plans to attend graduate school and pursue a PhD in Ecology after graduation. In her free time, she enjoys road cycling, hiking, baking, and looking at insects in the wild.

Zican Zhou

Zican Zhou 21' is a senior student with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. She has been working in Dr. Schreiber's Lab since Fall 2019 as a research assistant, a summer fellowship student, and plans to expand this fellowship to her Senior Year Experience during 2020-2021, continuing to investigate the effects of thyroid hormone and cortisol on the amphibian immune system. After graduation from St. Lawrence University, Zican intends to obtain a master's degree in biology, and the skillsets she learned from this fellowship will be a great asset. 

Asha Johnson

Asha Johnson is a current senior and member of the class of 2021 as well as an international student from Nassau, Bahamas. She is also a graduate of the United World College of Adriatic in Italy. She is pursuing a double major in Biology and History with a proposed minor in Chemistry and hopes to pursue a career as a Pathologist and return to her hometown. As a Caribbean student, she was motivated to do more research into the history of The Bahamas as well as the Caribbean region at large, which inspired her to plan and complete this research project.

Makenna Burr

Makenna Burr, '21, is a biology major, with research interests in herpetology and ecology. After completing her summer of 2020 research project, she has begun an SYE with Professor Hoffmann looking into the learning abiliites of native versus invaisive treefrog species. Makenna is planning on continuing with her research interests in graduate school and when she is not in the lab, she can be found practicing with the swim team or in meetings for the class council of 2021, where she serves as treasurer.