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Established in 2019 by Jennifer Miller Goff P'17, this fund supports students with financial need participating in international off-campus semester, yearlong or summer study abroad programs.

me&my wellness


As an intern I worked with as part of a small team doing research on general wellness topics to create marketing materials and informational content. The wellness topic I focused on was sleep and its impact on health. Through my research I was able to write three informative blogs posts and a short e-book on the different ways sleep impacts everyone's overall wellbeing.

Agora Books


I was a publication intern with Agora Books in London, U.K. Via this role, I did editorial work -- such as reading through submissions and writing copy -- marketing work -- including running the Twitter, overseeing a giveaway and the corresponding graphics, and writing blog posts, maximizing SEO -- and finally managerial research work -- including the research and organization of reviews for Agora’s books.



I was tasked with research and worked independently throughout this internship. My research was centered around U.S. organizations that support communities experiencing food and fuel poverty, and social isolation during the 2020-21 COVID-19 pandemic. My research was structured with the intention of transforming and adopting those approaches for communities in London.

Clinic Swasthya Santulan


During my time interning for Dr. Sumita Satarkar at her acupuncture clinic Swasthya Santulan in Pune India, I was given a list of four tasks to complete. My primary task was to compose interviews with past patients in order to report individual success stories using Acupuncture as a method of treatment. This consisted of short interviews where I asked a list of questions which I generated myself to spark each patient's experience. I then turned these into short success stories which I shared with Dr. Satarkar.