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Class of 2022
Environmental Studies


Sponsoring Department
Summer 2021

I was tasked with research and worked independently throughout this internship. My research was centered around U.S. organizations that support communities experiencing food and fuel poverty, and social isolation during the 2020-21 COVID-19 pandemic. My research was structured with the intention of transforming and adopting those approaches for communities in London.

I was offered a fantastic opportunity to practice self-determination, experience different cultures, gain remote/international professional skills, and develop a bit of intercultural competence. I researched what the U.S. has been doing to support susceptible populations during COVID, compared to the U.K., and then finding a way to transfer those events, activities, and support systems to U.K. communities and cultures, with the last week using my time to amass that research and attempt to write fund proposals. Throughout this internship, I have had bi-monthly check-ins with my supervisor, which opened a window for better understanding U.K. culture and the specific needs of local U.K. communities experiencing food and fuel poverty and social isolation.

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