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Class of 2022
Mabelin Garcia De La Rosa is a junior in the class of 2020 double majoring in neuroscience and economics. She aspires to work in the medical field in the future and was driven by this goal to complete her project on racial disparities in healthcare. The topic of disparities in...


Sponsoring Department
Spring 2021

As an intern I worked with as part of a small team doing research on general wellness topics to create marketing materials and informational content. The wellness topic I focused on was sleep and its impact on health. Through my research I was able to write three informative blogs posts and a short e-book on the different ways sleep impacts everyone's overall wellbeing.
The beginning of my remote global internship was challenging because I needed to be responsible and make sure I completed my hours all on my own. The amount of flexibility I had was way more than I was used to and I struggled to keep myself busy and productive for the amount of hours that were required of me. After a couple of weeks my site supervisor noticed and reached out to me on how I could've been supported better. We realized that I needed small do-able tasks to set as goals in order to keep me busy and productive throughout my work week. From this I realized I needed to hold myself accountable to the responsibilities I had and figured out that for me the best way to this was to share with my supervisor what my goals for the week were and to pay attention to the progress I was making.

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