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Established in 2021 by the Emerson Foundation, this fund supports student research and internships in data science.

Data Science Intern - The World Bank


This summer, I had the privilege to be part of the Data Science Internship Program at the World Bank. This opportunity would not have been possible without the help and economic support from Career Services at SLU and the Emerson Foundation - Data Science internship fellowship award that I was awarded. While at the World Bank, I expanded my Data Science and Economics knowledge. I was paired with a group of excellent and ambitious data scientists in the Poverty Department of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Summer Internship


In February of 2022, the ALFALFA research group began observing galaxies hosting supernovae with the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. The resulting and incoming data requires reduction to extract important information, such as velocity, velocity width, and flux. In this project, we worked on implementing quality-of-life changes to an existing Python package to improve the experience of the researchers that will be using it.

Software engineering (and Data Analytics) Internship


Bulukutu tea is an aromatic and perennial plant from the savannah bush found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The tea, made from the Bulukutu leaves, is pungent, yet soft in taste.  It has a peppery, lemony, and eucalyptus-like aroma. Many useful indigenous plants are unique to small parts of Africa, and have been used by local people for generations. Bulukutu has been the subject of study for many years because of its high antioxidant content and healing properties. In the DRC, it is brewed to treat pain, reduce inflammation and help treat a variety of common ailments.

Exchange Generalist Intern


• Created data visualization templates in Excel and Tableau that were used to support the Business Analytics team’s interactions with buy-side and sell-side clients.
• Designed a presentation repository with keyword filtering functionality that allows the Business Development team to more easily access slides and presentations used with previous clients. Over 35 PowerPoint decks have since been added to this repository.