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Yuchang (Alice) Zhang

张彧畅 (Alice Zhang) is an international undergraduate student at St. Lawrence University double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. Witnessing people continually suffer from mental health problems without proper help motivated her to become a future clinical therapist. Her passion for philosophy has led her to a unique pathway wanting to help individual souls through the thinking tools and thought-provoking contents of applied philosophy.

Haley Sundstrom

Haley Sundstrom is a history major, government minor and a member of the pre-law program at SLU. She is especially interested in modern American history and international relations. On campus, Haley is a member of the women's lacrosse team, club soccer and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. During the Fall 2023 semester, she is studying abroad in Spain and working to become fluent in Spanish.

Tye Royal


Making an Enigma Machine
Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
4 letter enigma machine prototype
Series: Summer 2023 - Research Fellowships

Tye Royal 25' is a Mathematics major interested in cryptography as well as education and how it allows our daily lives to function seamlessly. His summer research involved fabricating an enigma machine. During the summer a four-letter prototype design was built and tested. Moving forward he plans to construct a fully functioning twenty-six-letter design with a plugboard implementation. He works as a mentor at the Peterson Quantitative Resource Center and is also a part of the SLU Saints NCAA DIII Cross Country and Indoor/Outdoor Track Teams.

Annalise Panici

I am currently a junior at St Lawrence University studying creative writing and psychology. On campus I am coordinator and founder of our wellness program's SLU Flow Project, which engages students in functional movement to build community and practical nervous system regulation skills. I am also a member of the Lighthouse, which is a theme house living community dedicated to providing mental wellness resources to our campus (and the greater St Lawrence area).

Nadine Manase

Nadine Manase is junior from Tanzania, majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Francophone studies. Her love for research and aspiration to use science to solve current global issues led her to conduct summer research with Dr. Patrick Lutz with the goal of developing new sustainable plastics. On campus, Nadine is a Community Assistant, a General Biology TA, General Chemistry TA and a member of Agape Club.




Molly Doyle

My name is Molly Jane Doyle. I am a student at St. Lawrence University as a member of the class of 2025. I am double-majoring in Geology and English with a concentration in creative writing. Here on campus, I am involved as a past president of The Advocates, executive of the PPGA club, a staff writer for The Hill News, member of the rock club, and a member of the Epsilon Kappa chatper of Chi Omega. When I am not in school, I adore being outside in any way possible. I am a ski instructor in the winter and an childrens camping guide in the summers.

Kanonkela Kazembe Chibwe

This is the MOF,PCN-222(H2) that i synthesized and worked with during the summer

MOF PCN-222(H2)

I had a great time doing my research.

My name is Kanonkela and I am a junior from Chienge, Zambia majoring in Biomedical Sciences, and minoring in Chemistry and Public Health. I have always loved doing research and contributing to the science world, and this made me take up the opportunity when it presented itself. I have continued doing the research into this fall.

Tanner Bessette

I am currently a Junior at St. Lawrence University and a member of the SLU class of 2025. I am a double major in Statistics and Mathematics and I also have taken some computer science courses here at SLU. On campus I am a captain for the SLU Men's Club Soccer team, and this summer I completed a summer fellowship through the Statistics department.

Elizabeth Camp

Elizabeth Camp '25 is majoring in Biology with a minor in Sports Studies and Exercise Science at St. Lawrence University. Ellie is following the Pre-Physical Therapy track that St. Lawrence offers. She also is a part of the women's lacrosse team at SLU and has always had a passion for sports, exercising, etc., ever since her childhood. She interned at Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy over the 2023 summer where she served as a Rehabilitation Aide and shadowed under multiple well-known doctors of PT.

Carmiña Goya

Carmiña Goya (25') from Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina is pursuing a major in Studio Art, accompanied by a minor in Performance and Communication Arts. Her chosen field of study revolves around the art of printmaking, specifically focusing on linocut, woodcuts, drypoints, and screenprinting. In the future, Carmiña intends to return to her homeland to apply the knowledge and skills she has acquired during her time in the United States. Carmiña's goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the artistic scene and history of Latin America in the context of graphic arts.

Bridget Hastings

Bridget Hasting '25 is studying psychology with an education and sociology minor at SLU. Her career goals and educational aspirations include completing a  Psych-doctorate after finishing her undergrad at SLU. Her current professional goal is to work as a school psychologist or a psychologist in a mental health facility. She is not limiting herself to any age group to work with, and she also has experience working with a wide range of disabilities. 


Megan Nolan

Megan Nolan '25 is majoring in Biomedical Science, minoring in Chemistry, and aspires to work in the dental field. She helped assist in procedures performed by a general dentist, a prosthodontist, and a periodontist. In a future internship, she will be working with an orthodontist. After graduation, she plans to apply to dental school and eventually specialize in prosthodontics. 

Catherine O'Neill

Catherine O'Neill 25' is a first-generation college student from Parsippany, New Jersey, studying for her BA in Environmental Studies and Francophone Studies. She is interested in the prospect of promoting food security and community resilience through community agriculture and locally-grown initiatives as well as the various ways urban environments can be transformed to support social and environmental sustainability.

Bryn Pearson

I am a junior at St. Lawrence University, majoring in government with a minor in philosophy. This past summer, I interned in the U.S. Senate on Capitol Hill. While I am interested in pursuing a career more focused on foreign relations, this amazing opportunity provided me with vital inside knowledge of how the U.S. government operates. I look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I have gained from this experience in all of my future pursuits. In the past, I have always gravitated towards leadership, whether that be in my coursework, extracurriculars, or jobs.

Hadley Reinke

My name is Hadley Reinke and I am a junior at St. Lawrence University. I am a chemistry major on the pre-medical track. Along with STEM, I am interested in the arts (playing the oboe, musical theater, painting, and recently crocheting) and I love to cook/bake in my free time. In the future, after medical school, as of right now I would like to become a cardiac surgeon. Till then I am enjoying getting my chemistry degree while being the president of the medical journal club as St. Lawrence and going North Star Cafe to get a nice cup of coffee with my friends.