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Nach Insaurralde

Nach and their coworkers at the Trans Memory Archive

Nach Insaurralde is an Argentinian student at St. Lawrence University currently majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies. They are a UWC Davis Scholar, having graduated from UWC Atlantic College in Wales thanks to a scholarship. Their focus has always been on LGBT+ issues, leadership and humanities, with an interest in Latin American Sexuality studies and Trans perspectives.

Karni Keushgerian

Karni leading one of the workshops about pre-exam preparation and stress.
Karni in one of the workshops where students analyzed the meaning of the word "productive".
Karni leading a workshop.
Karni leading a workshop with high school students.
A picture featuring one of the high school students and "Noune" as part of the 3 day workshop series.

My name is Karni Keushgerian '25. I use they/them pronouns and am an international student from Beirut, Lebanon. Although my major is undeclared, I am on the track to majoring in Global Studies with a concentration and a minor in education. I was born and raised in the Armenian community of Beirut which has preserved its endangered language, Western Armenian, through designing an educational system revolving around cultural and ancestral values.

Brandon Dickson

I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at St. Lawrence University and working to better my programming skills. My passions include people, technology, design and I enjoy problem-solving as I utilize my creativity to find innovative solutions to broadly and common relevant problems. I always strive to give my full potential in my work and to grow individually, as a member of a group/community, as well as in software and technology. My colleagues would describe me as a fast learner and ebullient.


YEYUXI YI is a member of the class of 2025, majoring in Mathematics. During the summer of 2022, he completed a Summer Internship fellowship and worked in Recycle Track Systems as a pricing Intern for 8 weeks. YI is interested in Quantitative Modelling and Financial engineering. He wants to continue his future career in Finance Field in New York City. Inspired by prof. Andrew Lo's presentations and papers on new funding models for biomedical innovation, he envisions making finance a powerful tool to achieve humanitarian purposes rather than a simple "money-making field."

Amanda Thrasher

Amanda Thrasher (25) is a student who is heavily involved in the agricultural community and is pursuing a career in agriculture. Amanda is most interested in improving agricultural trade and development across the world. With that, Amanda hopes to aspire to work for the USDA or the United Nations. Amanda hopes to continue to make the world a better place with agriculture and support farmers. 

Titilayo Aluko

Titilayo Aluko is a First-Generation student from New York City majoring in Government and minoring in education. She is passionate about social justice and changing institutional policy to be more diverse and inclusive. She is also an Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program scholar. Titilayo's goal is to pursue a Juris Doctor to practice civil law. She is currently a part of her school's student government and has a chair position as Examining Systematic Chair.

Karin Ishikawa

Hi, my name is Karin and I'm from Japan. My dad is from Japan and my mum is from Hong Kong, so I'm an Asian mix. My first language is Japanese and I moved to Hong Kong when was 12. Went to several Japanese schools until I was 15. After that, I went to International schools in Hong Kong, Japan, and I went to a boarding school my junior & senior years in PA. I've been playing football for almost 13 years and I'm currently on the women's soccer team at SLU.

Sisco Tellez

I´ve been always involved into water sports, such as waterboarding and windsurf
I also always loved interact with animals

My name is Sisco Tellez, I was bornin El Paso, Texas. Since I was little, I have lived in Mexico with my father. I´ve always been into sports and activities, starting with gymnastics, karate, soccer, among others, however, one of the most important ones were scuba diving, thanks to this I was able to apply for my fist work of my life, in wich I got fire one month after, It was very sad, also playing the guitar has been an important activity for me, I keep playing till the day of today, the only issue is that I could´t bring mine from Mexico, so I have to get a new one.