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My name is Vyara (Вяра). I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am currently attending St. Lawrence University. I have not decided on a major yet. I graduated from UWC-USA in 2020 when the pandemic hit the Western part of the world. I have various interests including literature, astrology, tarot, skincare, movies, languages, art, and history. I love exploring my interests in creative ways. During the pandemic, I picked up an interest in makeup as it allows me to express myself and use my face as a canvas. I love reading about astrology, mythology, and witchcraft. I like spending time with my friends. My best friends and I live in different countries but have many inside jokes. With one of them we started our spiritual journey around the same time. She really likes plants and studies the properties of herbs while I am a divination person and a sworn astrologer. I spend too much time on tik-tok, and I love watching tv series. I have the tendency to overanalyze movies and characters. Recently, I made an entire critique on my newest tv show obsession which I sent to my best friends. Unlike many other people, I actually enjoy the alone time the pandemic has given to me. I use my time to introspect and enjoy my own company. 

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42.695500806574, 23.3239467

Which languages do you speak?
Bulgarian, French, English. Currently learning Chinese and Korean.