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The image here showed was the "Target" molecule of this total synthesis project, where we analysis many possible routes to synthesize the main structure of this molecule. Also, a lot of research was done on manipulation of functional groups on this molecule. With the six weeks, a well-founded and viable route for this moecule was founded. Because this moleule was recently isolated and tested as a potential antibiotics, learning how to synthesis this complex molecule from simple and commercial avaliable starting materials will be beneficial for us to understand its function in biological environment.

Class of 2021

Beinan Yang is a current biochemistry major at SLU (Class 2021). He is interested by topics related to molecular biology, biochemistry and organic synthesis. He plans to go the graduate school for future education in biochemistry. The summer project is a great experience and a good foundation for his future research and study in graduate school.


This project intended to proposing a well-founded and viable total synthesis of a recently isolated natural product molecule. This molecule is structural challenging and interesting, and it has been tested to be potentially antibacterial. Thus, it is important for us to discover a synthetic route of this molecule. During the eight weeks of this summer (2020), we analyzed the structure of this molecule theoretically, and proposed a well-founded synthetic route of this molecule.