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Iman Maani recording her audio stories.
Class of 2022
Global Studies

Iman Maani, ’22, is a recent graduate who majored in Global Studies and Sociology. She interned at North Country Public Radio where she produced news stories on a variety of topics, including Juneteenth, feminist movements in the North Country, and Indigenous art. Having worked as the opinions editor for The Hill News and a journalist and digital communications coordinator for Weave News, she has experience working on the production of articles, podcasts, and social media content. 

Summer 2022

Iman Maani interned at North Country Public Radio where she produced a variety of audio news stories, including local Juneteenth celebrations, the 1970s feminist movement in upstate New York and Indigenous poetry and art. Earlier on in the internship, she worked on producing news copy, while getting familiar with newsgathering. As the internship progressed, she began to research and pitch original news stories. Working with a team of reporters, she interviewed, wrote, edited and fact-checked news stories for radio broadcast and online publishing.