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Kanonkela Kazembe Chibwe

This is the MOF,PCN-222(H2) that i synthesized and worked with during the summer

MOF PCN-222(H2)

I had a great time doing my research.

My name is Kanonkela and I am a junior from Chienge, Zambia majoring in Biomedical Sciences, and minoring in Chemistry and Public Health. I have always loved doing research and contributing to the science world, and this made me take up the opportunity when it presented itself. I have continued doing the research into this fall.

Megan Nolan

Megan Nolan '25 is majoring in Biomedical Science, minoring in Chemistry, and aspires to work in the dental field. She helped assist in procedures performed by a general dentist, a prosthodontist, and a periodontist. In a future internship, she will be working with an orthodontist. After graduation, she plans to apply to dental school and eventually specialize in prosthodontics. 

Talya Scott

Talya Scott, ’23, has a major in Neuroscience and minors in Public Health and Chemistry. Her time spent working in a nursing home and interest in medicine led her to pursue a research project testing a potential treatment for Parkinson’s Disease in a C. elegans model. After completing this summer research project, she plans to continue her research as an SYE to further expand her own and the scientific community’s understanding of this disease.

Zican Zhou

Zican Zhou 21' is a senior student with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. She has been working in Dr. Schreiber's Lab since Fall 2019 as a research assistant, a summer fellowship student, and plans to expand this fellowship to her Senior Year Experience during 2020-2021, continuing to investigate the effects of thyroid hormone and cortisol on the amphibian immune system. After graduation from St. Lawrence University, Zican intends to obtain a master's degree in biology, and the skillsets she learned from this fellowship will be a great asset. 

Aseman Bagheri Sheshdeh

Aseman Bagheri Sheshdeh, class of 2022 majoring in neuroscience and mathematics with a minor in chemistry. Aseman is preparing for pursuit of a career in healthcare involving research. This research is a literature review of the COVID-19 virus with focus on its influence on public health. As such, the research has been of great value and resource which has been a guide for better performance in roles such as community assistant and SLU Emergency Medicine Services Staff.