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Class of 2025
Biomedical Sciences
Megan Nolan '25 is majoring in Biomedical Science, minoring in Chemistry, and aspires to work in the dental field. She helped assist in procedures performed by a general dentist, a prosthodontist, and a periodontist. In a future internship, she will be working with an orthodontist. After graduation, she plans to...
Summer 2023

Interning at Sound Dentistry this summer was a great experience! I was able to learn from hands-on experience in the dental field thanks to the generous unpaid internship fellowship that St. Lawrence offers. This internship opened my eyes to all the amazing specialties and has only strengthened my passion for dentistry. I was able to watch and take part in procedures done by Dr. Kitsos, a general dentist, Dr. El-Ghadi, a prosthodontist, and Dr. Govostes, a periodontist. I was able to achieve all the goals that I set out when I started of simply learning how to use and sterilize each piece of equipment, enhancing my interpersonal skills by interacting with patients, and learning dental terminology from watching a variety of procedures. 

I am so grateful for the summer that I had and for everyone at Sound Dentistry for making me feel welcome. I would like to thank Dr. El-Ghadi and Dr. Kitsos, the owners of Sound Densitry, as well as Carol A. Williams '73 Expendable Internship Fellowship Fund for making this summer possible!

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