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Molly Doyle

My name is Molly Jane Doyle. I am a student at St. Lawrence University as a member of the class of 2025. I am double-majoring in Geology and English with a concentration in creative writing. Here on campus, I am involved as a past president of The Advocates, executive of the PPGA club, a staff writer for The Hill News, member of the rock club, and a member of the Epsilon Kappa chatper of Chi Omega. When I am not in school, I adore being outside in any way possible. I am a ski instructor in the winter and an childrens camping guide in the summers.

Indie Talbot

Indie sitting infront of Pico Viejo volcano

Indie Talbot (She/Her) is a senior graduating in the Spring of 2024. She is a geology major and is minoring in mathematics. After graduating, Indie plans on pursuing a master's in geology focused on volcanology or igneous petrology. She is passionate about volcanic processes and assessing the risks and hazards that are a result. During her time at St. Lawrence, she was SLU Fellow researching magmas under oceanic islands and also completed an internship in the Canary Islands focusing on volcanology and science communication. 

Nika Husinec

Nika is majoring in Geology and Mathematics, and has interest in the deposition of carbonate lagoons in the Caribbean. She hopes to be able to connect the implications of the findings in this project to that of the study completed the previous year with Anuva Anannya '22 to compare the differing depositional patterns in mixed vs. isolated lagoons. Following graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school in applied mathematics to study either control and dynamic systems in the natural sciences or computational math. 

Annabella Kennedy

I am an anthropology and geology double major from Troy, NY. I have done research in multiple geology subfields and geology-adjacent fields where I have had the opportunity to learn GIS, core trees, evaluate bias introduced through methodology, and much more. Most recently, I was a research intern at the Paleontological Research Institute in Ithaca, New York, where I worked with marine gastropods and taphonomic analysis. Along with geology, I am passionate about linguistics and how languages are made.

Audrey Bowman

Audrey Bowman '24 is a Geology major and is interested in a Physics and/or Outdoor Studies minor. Her areas of pursued expertise are glaciology, oceanography, and climatology. She hopes to study abroad in New Zealand at the University of Otago where she will take advanced classes in her areas of interest. Her passion for research will lead her to conduct research either at the University of Otago or through an internship. Her love for the outdoors leads her striving for proficiency in mountaineering skills and the chance to complete research in remote parts of the world.

Caroline Starace

Caroline Starace (she/her) is a senior at St. Lawrence University graduating in Fall 22 from Saratoga Springs, New York.  She is a Geology major and an Outdoor Studies minor. Caroline has plans to pursue a master's degree in Geology and is interested in structural geology and science communication. During her summer, Caroline studied six different landslides within the Marcy Anorthosite Massif, a geologic unit located in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Mountains.

Michael Yirenkyi

Michael K. Yirenkyi, '22, has a major in Art & Art History and a minor in geology. His interests are in architecture and design and he aspires to work in the industry. His curiosity to challenge the accepted design of our built environments led him to pursue this summer project to explore how space impacts our experiences, habits and behaviours, and our views in life. This is what architectural phenomenology is about. After completing this summer project, he continues to read literature on the topic and is looking to pursue these interests in a graduate program next fall.

Gretchen Wambach

Gretchen Wambach '21 is a Geology and Business in the Liberal Arts major. She is interested in Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and environmental geology, as well as renewable resources and environmental economics. This project served as an introduction to some of the uses and implications of GIS.
Gretchen's summer work will be used as part of her senior honors thesis, where she will discuss the further implications of this project's findings in the geologic world.

Krista Walrath

Krista Walrath ‘21. Krista is a senior at St. Lawrence, originally from Fort Covington, NY (1-hour NE away). She majors in geology and has been interested in learning more about bivalves, both prehistoric and present, since taking paleontology with Dr. Nagel-Myers. Krista has been working closely with Dr. Nagel-Myers since the fall of 2019, learning the computer skills of landmarking and using morphometrics. These skills have adequately prepared Krista for her summer fellowship. Krista plans on using this research as a building block for her SYE.

Eloise Bellingham

Eloise Bellingham is a student at St. Lawerence University graduating in the class of 2021. She is majoring in Geology and Global Studies and is interested in studying hydrogeology and environmental policy and land use. This project will continue in her senior year research and in other academic studies. From Colorado Springs, Colorado she hopes that this project provides helpful information on the states rivers and surrounding lands.

Claire Bartlett

Claire Bartlett is a senior at St. Lawerence University graduating in the class of 2021 from Potsdam, New York. She is majoring in Geology and has concentrated on environmental sociology and art outside her major. She plans on pursuing her master's degree in Geology, and is interested in geomorphology and hydrogeology. This project will continue in her senior year research and will be presented at the 2020 Geological Society of America Conference online in October.

Anuva Anannya

Anuva Anannya, '22, is a Geology major and Anthropology minor at St. Lawrence University. She is planning to pursue Planetary Science in graduate school and later career. This interest led her to conduct a project on the contribution of clay minerals in Martian mass movements last summer. She continued this project during Summer 2021 with Helen Eifert '18 (who is now doing her PhD in Planetary Science in Northern Arizona University) and under the mentorship of Dr. Alexander K. Stewart (Chair of the SLU Geology Department).