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Class of 2024
Indie Talbot (She/Her) is a senior graduating in the Spring of 2024. She is a geology major and is minoring in mathematics. After graduating, Indie plans on pursuing a master's in geology focused on volcanology or igneous petrology. She is passionate about volcanic processes and assessing the risks and hazards...
Summer 2023

For my fellowship I worked with basaltic rock samples from Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. I studied a possible hypothesis for the origin of low Mg# melts, that they originated as partial melts of an asthenospheric mantle source. The objective of this study is to evaluate temperature and dissolved water content of Tenerife basalts using olivine-melt thermometry/hygrometry. My research began with a trip to the Canary Islands where I collected the samples and began to study them. I was able to also work at Syracuse University and SUNY Oswego and use their technology, such as a microprobe and scanning electron microscope (SEM) to analyze my samples. We used two types of thermometers to analyze the samples and find their temperature at crystallization and calculate the water content of the samples. Mg- and Ni-based olivine-melt thermometers are applied to the most Mg-rich olivine and the whole-rock to determine temperature at the onset of crystallization. Our findings were that linear mixing trends in whole-rock major- and trace-elements paired with diffusion-limited growth textures in olivine and clinopyroxene suggest that this sample may have an inherited high-MgO olivine population due to magma-mixing during rapid ascent to the surface along intersecting fractures. From this fellowship I have completed a research project that I will present at the Geological Society of America Conference in October of 2023.

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