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     I believe that the culture you come from shapes your personality but doesn't define who you are. Ciao, my name is Benedetta and I come from Rome, Italy. I'm your classic Italian girl: loud, picky eater, loves pasta, uses hand gestures. Yes, stereotypes of my country are mostly accurate, except for the fact that we're always late, that's a major lie. Although these stereotypes may be part of me, they don't are me. It's unfortunately common, and it's a mistake I sometimes make too, to just look at the superficial side of people. The beauty of human beings is that they have so many different shades in their personality. I'm your classic Italian girl and I love it, but I'm so much more than my culture. I'm not able to give a clear definition of myself because I'm not even sure what it is.  Part of growing up is understanding and exploring all those different shades of your personality and finding out who you are. Maybe in few years I will be able to write a definition about myself, for now, I’m looking forward to discovering it. 

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