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Benedetta Caloro

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     I believe that the culture you come from shapes your personality but doesn't define who you are. Ciao, my name is Benedetta and I come from Rome, Italy. I'm your classic Italian girl: loud, picky eater, loves pasta, uses hand gestures. Yes, stereotypes of my country are mostly accurate, except for the fact that we're always late, that's a major lie. Although these stereotypes may be part of me, they don't are me. It's unfortunately common, and it's a mistake I sometimes make too, to just look at the superficial side of people.

Jayden Ladison

Jayden Ladison '21, a resident of Canton, is a psychology major and an economics minor at St. Lawrence University. Jayden is extending her fellowship research into her senior year of college by continuing her analysis of the neural influences on temporal processing. She plans to attend graduate school and obtain her doctorate in cognitive or behavioral neuroscience. Specifically, Jayden is interested in exploring the neural connections and chemical imbalances present in schizophrenic patients.

Joshua Marvald


Josh Marvald, '21, is majoring in mathematics and statistics with the intention of applying to statistics PhD programs. Josh is also working with Dr. Matt Higham this semester on a continuation of their fellowship project. They are looking into different machine learning methods to predict the outcome of tennis matches.