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Class of 2022
Business in the Liberal Arts
Summer 2021

During my internship, I did a lot more than I expected. The main role I had was to work on a project that my supervisor thought of last minute, which was to create a new section of the company, a wine walk to the different wine bars in Dublin. I had to research how to create the most successful wine walk and how to market it so that it is a success. I created avatars (characters that are made of the information of the ideal customers) and then thought of different ways to market to each of them. I also created an ebook with about 40 wine walks in it and other information that someone might want to know when on a wine walk. This took a lot of learning as I had no experience doing most of these tasks. On top of that project, I also helped rebrand the company by going through it and giving my supervisor my feedback of what I thought worked and what I thought did not and needed improving. This included helping her with a new logo, look, and watching her class of wine and giving a lot of feedback on that so that she could make it better. I also shared my ideas that I had that could help as well as sharing my feedback.

In the beginning, Lynda Coogan, my supervisor and the founder of the company, told me about the wine walk project she would have me do and it sounded like a lot of work with things I was not sure I was able to do and had no experience with, but I told her I was up for it anyways. I decided to take up the challenge and I am so glad I did. I feel that I have contributed a large amount to Wine Tasting Ireland as I have almost fully created a wine walk, created an ebook for the wine walk, created six different avatars to market towards, thought of many different ways to market the wine walk to each of the avatars, gave her new logo ideas, and gave her feedback on how to improve a lot of other aspects of the company. I definitely had to learn a lot, research, and teach myself how to do a lot of things like how to create an ebook and how a successful wine walk in Dublin should look like, but I was able to do a lot and create a lot more than what I thought I was capable of. I also had no idea what an avatar was and what she meant by it when she said one of my tasks was to create them. What I found helpful was asking Lynda for help when I needed a bit more or a lot more clarification on how I should do certain tasks. It is really important to communicate so that you know you are always being productive during your hours. It also helped a lot that I asked her to tell me multiple tasks I could work on so that I always had something to do and was able to switch from task to task if I was confused or stuck on one. This is really helpful during a remote internship, especially one with a time difference, because it might take a while to get responses quickly over email. It definitely is important to have something else you can work on while you are waiting for the response. I learned a lot from my internship experience. I learned that I could do a lot more than I thought I was capable of. I learned more about what I would like my future career to look like because I enjoyed this internship so much. I also learned how to use tools like Canva as I used it to create an ebook. I also got more practice using google sheets, which is important in many other jobs that I could have in the future. I also learned how to motivate myself as I had to do everything on my own since I only met with my supervisor once a week and could only contact her through email. It is great practice for a future remote position and that is very important because remote jobs are becoming more common as we have seen in the past year that it is possible to maintain a job from home. I definitely recommend doing a remote global internship because not only do you learn how to do an internship remotely, but you also learn a lot about the country your internship is in as you communicate with your supervisor and other people from the company and complete tasks that require you to learn about the country and culture.

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