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Class of 2022
Performance and Communication Arts
Summer 2021

This summer I interned with THATMuse, a London and Paris based company that offers street and museum treasure hunts. THATMuse works with groups of all sizes, from families to corporate groups, to engage with the spectacles of Paris and London, especially in museums such as the Louvre and the British Museum! As a THATMuse intern, I worked on marketing and media projects. From crafting a marketing campaign and contacting luxury travel agencies, to competition research, to social media campaigns, I worked to make sure the THATMuse name was known. I also worked on a brand new product launch, crafting social media strategy for promotion of a new street hunt in London! Additionally, I worked behind the scenes on the development of a top-secret brand-new product!

I had a great time working with THATMuse, and I was very appreciative of the opportunities they gave me to show my communications and digital media marketing skills. I also learned about treasures around London through my work on developing and marketing the London street hunts, which was especially helpful as I began my semester abroad in London! One of our orientation activities was a London scavenger hunt and I’ll admit that I probably had an unfair advantage because I spent my summer working on a London street hunt for THATMuse! It was so much fun to visit places like Covent Garden and Horse Guards Parade that I had compiled facts and photos on for THATMuse! After working closely with Daisy and Hernán — the directors of THATMuse — over the summer, virtually, I even had the chance to meet them and stop by the offices when I arrived in England! I am thankful for the internship because it not only gave me experience in the field I hope to enter post-graduation, but I made great contacts in London which have turned into valuable resources who I can turn to in the future! The photo I’ve attached relate to the internship as follows: This is me visiting Godwin’s Court, a Harry Potter related alley in London which I wrote a blog post on for the THATMuse blog, as well as researched for the London Street Hunt!

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