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Class of 2024
Performance and Communication Arts
Film and Representation Studies
Kam Omari '24 is an international student from Beirut, Lebanon. Kam is dedicated to the representative power of the performing arts, especially outside the theatre. Kam's artistic efforts often include advocacy for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, racial minorities, and refugees. They hope to become a drama therapist and...
Summer 2023

Arvestaran Creative Development Center is a center that provides the a range of services from consultancy and creative therapy services, such as art, music, dance, and crafts, educational services, such as pre-elementary training and vocational training. Arvestaran was started by the artist Hasmik Tangyan whom, prior to my internship, I had the pleasure of working with very briefly on a project. During this internship, my duties included but were not limited to: Acting as a teacher's aide during lessons, assisting in organizing and coordinating activities for the children, tend to individual student needs, and shadow the guest art therapists during their sessions. 

Navigating a different age group than I'm used to taught me patience and adaptability. Working with different kinds of students pushed me to create supportive environments for their development and reminded me that every interaction is a chance for mutual growth. I am hoping to transfer the knowledge I gained in this internship, especially with regards to using art therapies with children, to my work in Drama Therapy through understanding the capacity of participants and what behavior is appropriate for teaching environments. 

Yerevan, Armenia
40.153449080529, 44.4885671