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I am Qingqing Niu, an English teacher from Zhengzhou, China, working at Saint Lawrence University as a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant in Chinese teaching. I speak Chinese and English, and now I am working hard to study French, which I used to think easy but almost drives me crazy now.

From 2014/08-2019/08, I taught Chinese students English Reading & Writing and Intercultural Communication in Henan University of Economics and Law.

From 2019/08-2020/05, I am teaching Chinese at SLU, during which I have broadened my horizon greatly, knowing more about American culture.

My research focuses on English linguistics, English teaching methodology, and Intercultural communication. I am planning to further my PhD study in English Linguistics.

I like traveling, hiking, jogging and many other outdoor activities. Because of sports, I have made a lot of international friends.

I always believe in “no pains, no gains”, and the motto helped me overcome difficulties and darkness in life.

 Qingqing Niu








          我的人生信条是“努力才会有收获”, 这个座右铭激励我克服了生活中无数的困难和挫折。



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