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Class of 2023
Business in the Liberal Arts
My name is Barrett Smith. I am a senior from Lake Placid, NY majoring in Economics and Business.
Summer 2022

I had a great summer in NYC working for Magrino. This was a small firm making it extremely comfortable and easy to talk and learn from senior staff. Some of my tasks included: updating critical media lists with contacts (editors + influencers) spanning various categories such as travel, real estate, food, spirits, wine, and consumer. The other interns and I also familiarized ourselves with proper event planning, PR reach out, tracking clips and overall excitement, and how to manage accounts properly. I am very thankful that I was able to be a part of a supportive, friendly, fun work environment that strengthened my time management and problem-solving skills. 

Another important aspect for me this summer was seeing if I would potentially live in NYC post-grad. Unexpectedly, I really enjoyed the city. I made great friends from both work and my living situation- whom I am in touch with still.  I got lucky with my housing- I lived in an NYU apartment with 3 great girls. And better yet, the building was only 2 blocks from the office making my “commute” seamless. I also was able to catch up with some SLU alumni which was both fun and gave me a sense of support and relief that SLU does not "disappear" post-grad.

Returning to campus senior year has me feeling out of touch. I have loved my time here but this summer made me realize that there is so much possibility. It made me excited for changeI am so thankful I attend an institution that cares about its students and provides us with opportunities that support us both inside and outside of the classroom. Leaving SLU will feel bittersweet but I know whatever the future holds will be great.

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