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Alyssa Bigness

My name is Alyssa, and I'm a student in the class of 2024. I’m double majoring in mathematics and statistics. My research interests consist of different applications of mathematics, including theoretical mathematics, and statistics applications using R Studio. After St. Lawrence University, I plan to study mathematics in graduate school and pursue a career in mathematics.

Eduardo Puerta


Data Visualization for the Admissions Office
Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
graph of admissions data
Series: Summer 2020 Project Showcase

Eduardo Puerta, ’22, is an undergraduate student from Venezuela and Costa Rica majoring in Mathematics and with a Minor in Computer Science. He is interested in industrial engineering and seeks to pursue the 3+2 Engineering Combined program. His work as an Admissions Ambassador and a Community Assistant on campus have inspired his curiosity in applying mathematical methods to his working environment.