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Yuchang (Alice) Zhang

张彧畅 (Alice Zhang) is an international undergraduate student at St. Lawrence University double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. Witnessing people continually suffer from mental health problems without proper help motivated her to become a future clinical therapist. Her passion for philosophy has led her to a unique pathway wanting to help individual souls through the thinking tools and thought-provoking contents of applied philosophy.

Frank Wotton

Frankie is part of the class of 2022 at SLU and majored in philosophy and mathematics. He has research interests in phenomenology, philosophy of mind, and cognitive science. In particular, he is interested in sense-making, especially from the perspective of embodied cognition.

Ngoc Tan

Children at Danish kindergarten

Ngoc Tan ‘23 grew up in Vietnam and graduated from the International School Ho Chi Minh City. At St. Lawrence, Ngoc is a double Philosophy and Psychology major. She is currently a teaching assistant for Reasoning, a student worker at IT Help Desk, and has worked as a Peer Tutor since her sophomore year. After graduation, Ngoc plans to enroll in a Master’s degree in Education.

Edward Hallahan

Edward "Ned" Hallahan is in the class of 2021. He's a philosophy major who is hoping to go to pursue a P.H.D in philosophy. At SLU he's done the Adirondack Semester and studied abroad in Kenya. He's done another research project collecting oral histories of Adirondack artists. He's also worked for North Country Public Radio. Ned is interested in environmental ethics. On-campus, he lives in the Arts Annex, is the treasurer of woodcarving club, and is part of Divest SLU.

Michael Gagliardi

Michael Gagliardi, '21, is a double major in Philosophy and History at St. Lawrence University. In particular, he studies environmental philosophy and focuses on ethical ways of dealing with climate change. As a result, he plans on attending graduate school for philosophy. There, he hopes to continue his work on the nascent threat of "green" authoritarianism and defending democracy as its antidote. His other interests include reading, writing, cooking, and, of course, spending time with friends.