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I was born in Shaoguan, but my middle and high schools were all in Shenzhen, and now I live in Shenzhen, it is my second hometown, so my map is Shenzhen.

I am a classical Taoist culture (take pills of immortality and cultivate oneself to become an immortal), I can speak three languages, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English (if you can also speak Cantonese, you must talk to me, I haven't spoken for a long time). I like girls, I have a heterosexual orientation. I think the most important thing for me is to get in touch with people and things that mean a lot. Seeing and walking around the planet is not a waste of time. By the way, my favorite cartoon is called "Rick and Morty" (Spongebob also loves it). I think it is very thoughtful and profound, and it has different experience from age to age, even after drinking wine.
I love peace and also love smoking, drinking, disco, mahjong, table tennis, computer games, and five poison can't assault me, free to call me.


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Jingxuan Xu

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