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Introduction English:

I’m Chengkai Li, a student from Chengdu Sichuan China, studying in St. Lawrence university in U.S. I can speak Chinese and English and I learn it in my high school which is an international department for studying aboard and I have lived in Chengdu for decades and it brings me a lot.

We have our own dialect in our city which is a symbol of people lived in Chengdu. Dialect in Chengdu is quite similar to Mandarin with a different accent so that most Chinese people can understand. When I talk in dialect, it is funny but not stop us communicating with each other. It becomes an interesting thing and characteristic of people from Chengdu. Dialect has not only defined me as a citizen in Chengdu, but also given me a sense of home and a feeling that many people is supporting me.

Also, I have many favorite foods, most of which are spicy, like hot pot, mapo tofu and I’m learning to cook.


Introduction 中文:




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