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Established in 2007 by John Burry Jr. ’53 and Sylvia Burry. Preference is granted to students completing projects in mathematics, computer science or statistics.

Visualizing and Modeling Course Registration Data


St. Lawrence University is a private institution located in Canton, NY. With around 2,250 students enrolled on campus each year, there are many disciplines, course options, and routes to take for new students. Students may meet with their advisers to help guide them on the correct path of courses, or they may choose to guide themselves. Every student goes through the registration process themselves, however. And every professor is on the receiving end of that registration process. At St. Lawrence there are three days of registration for students.

Sensor Data Transplantation for Resilient Drone Operation


Drones are uncrewed vehicles that operate under the direction of software running on a “flight computer” – a computer that controls the drone as it travels along a pre-programmed path. This research dealt with  increasing the resiliency of the drone in the face of computer failures. We developed a method for transplanting certain sensor data from one flight computer to another, allowing a backup computer to take over the job of the flight computer while the problem is fixed.