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Established in 1998 by Richard F. Stradling Jr. ’64 in honor of his St. Lawrence experience and to recognize his brother, Samuel S. Stradling, professor emeritus of chemistry, this fund supports undergraduate research opportunities for outstanding chemistry students.

Kinetic Characterization of Intercalating Chemotherapy Drugs Using Temperature Jump Techniques


The properties of the binding pathways of intercalating chemotherapy drugs to DNA were studied through literature search and data analysis. The transcription and replication of DNA are key steps to the deadliness of uncontrolled cellular division, or cancer. Characterization of the kinetic properties of the “intercalation” mechanism, the mysterious pathway by which some chemotherapy drugs are capable of halting DNA’s transcription and replication, is where I conducted extensive reading and data analysis this summer.

  • The capacitor and cuvette set-up that is a part of our temperature-jump analysis.