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Class Year:

I am a Zambian student who after completing my general education requirements and getting my high school diploma spent two years in South Wales, further completing the International Baccalaureate at Atlantic College (UWC) and becoming a Davis Scholar. At St. Lawrence, I am currently a senior studying Computer Science interested in AI, Web programming and Backend Software development. I love engaging in different tech and creative innovative projects and definitely looking forward to pursuing careers related to such.  Outside of class I try to keep myself involved in a few different areas; I am an Admissions Ambassador involved in giving tours and representing the school to prospective students, I am a Teaching Assistant, an IT help desk Technician and lastly an AWARE trained advocate for sexual assault victims. In terms of sports and creatives, I am interested in tennis, ping pong, and currently attempting Basketball.


Which languages do you speak?
English, Bemba, Nyanja