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I am Ruoxin Tang, a student from Shenzhen, China. My family is made up of my parents, my sister and me. As the youngest person in the family, I am always full of love by them. I can speak two languages, my native Chinese and the second language English. In addition, Cantonese and Korean are also a little familiar.

 Since 2018, I started to be a college student at St. Lawrence University. And I decided to major in Economy and Business.

I like photography, it is a wonderful thing to use a camera to record an instant. Among them, I prefer the film camera compared to the SLR, because it is cumbersome, it can reflect the preciousness of each photo.

My favorite idol is BTS. The biggest reason to like them is that they taught me how to love myself. As Kim Namjoon said at the United Nations:" Today, I am who I am with all of my faults and my mistakes." They use their musical compositions and values to teach me how to accept every aspect of myself.







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Which languages do you speak?
Chinese and English