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Class of 2023
Global Studies
My name is Mariam. I am a current senior from Pakistan majoring in Global Studies with a minor in English. I love travelling and have been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to travel and live in different countries in both high school and university. Before coming to St. Lawrence...
Summer 2022

 This summer, I worked at the KhyberPakhtun Khwa Bar Council as a Research Intern under the supervision of Advocate Mr. Muhammad Sarir. I assisted Mr. Sarir and other legal practitioners with research, maintaining correspondence and some clerical work. My main focus was on human rights and freedom of speech laws in Pakistan during this internship on which I conducted extensive research with other prominent human rights lawyers in the Bar. The internship served as an important network opportunity as I got to meet with human rights lawyers across the province and learn from their experience. I also gained a deeper understanding of the issues facing the people of KhyberPakhtun Khwa and I hope to use this knowledge for further research work for my major.