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My name is Nishal Basnet, and I am a senior at St. Lawrence University. I am Ronald E. McNair Scholar, a Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) scholar, and the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program scholar. I am majoring in Sociology, Business, & Economics and am interested in applying my academic expertise to solve social and economic problems. I seek opportunities in related subjects as well as information and data science. Yet, I am also open to other possibilities to grow myself.

I gained exposure to new cultures and diverse groups of people while living as a refugee. I demonstrated strong leadership skills to address the needs of my residents as a Community Assistant. As a Student Ambassador, I provide excellent customer service to the visitors using my communication skills. I also excel when working in collaborative teams. My team won the 9th Annual Business Case Study competition using my analytical skills & financial knowledge. 

I have acquired invaluable skills through academia, work, and lived experiences, but there is more for me to learn. I intend to use my expertise in all the opportunities I receive while I continue to grow as a person. I also like putting my time into Google Analytics Certification, SQL, and cooking in my free time.

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Which languages do you speak?
I speak Nepali, Hindi, Bengali, and English. I am also fluent in multiple regional dialects of South Asia.