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Yanisa (Opor) Promkaewtor

The mountain in my hometown!
I love photography!!

Mango sticky rice. Beautiful beaches. Big buddha. That is what people always remember about my country. I have no choice but to say that mango sticky rice is an amazing dessert, although it is not my favorite dish. I came from a small mountain town in the north, so I never experienced beautiful beaches until the age of 17. I am not religious either, but I love to bring my international friends visit several temples to show how grand they are. Yes, I am from Thailand, the country that resembles an ax on the Southeast Asia map!

Maya Mackey

Maya Mackey '24 is double-majoring in Digital Media and Film, and Performance and Communication Arts. Maya interned at North Country Public Radio, where she produced audio news stories on several different topics, including profiles on local businesses, the return of agricultural education to North Country schools, Indigenous tradition and culture, and mental health awareness and resources for farmers in New York. Her continued work at The Hill News, in both writing and editing capacities, helped her produce articles, as well as social media and digital content for NCPR.