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Adina Chulanova

Me sitting with my friends in a yurt on the day of the celebration of Nauruz.
Photo of me with my family on one of the hikes in the stunning Mountains of Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Me visiting Times Square, NYC for the first time

Hello, my name is Adina, and I'm from Kazakhstan. My native language is Russian because my parents were born in the Soviet Union when people could not use the Kazakh language or study in it. However, I studied Kazakh at school on a par with English and strive to be fluent in Kazakh. Despite this, I honor the traditions and culture of my people. For example, in the second picture, I am sitting with my classmates in a yurt (a traditional portable dwelling of nomads) on the day of the celebration of the Kazakh national New Year.

Cam Brochu

Cam Brochu (he/him) is a Biophysics major expecting to graduate St. Lawrence University in spring 2023. Upon graduation, he intends to enter the field of prosthetic research and design prosthetics that feel and function more like human body parts. Through the SLU fellows program, Brochu developed a low cost temperature sensing system for integration into existing prosthetic devices. With the help of his faculty mentor, Massooma Pirbhai, he will continue this project into his senior research.