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Hi, my name is Karin and I'm from Japan. My dad is from Japan and my mum is from Hong Kong, so I'm an Asian mix. My first language is Japanese and I moved to Hong Kong when was 12. Went to several Japanese schools until I was 15. After that, I went to International schools in Hong Kong, Japan, and I went to a boarding school my junior & senior years in PA. I've been playing football for almost 13 years and I'm currently on the women's soccer team at SLU. I'm a big fan of Manchester City and it's unfortunate that not many girls watch the Prem, but I hope to meet some city fans here. I came to the US to mostly play football, but also to improve my English and experience life as a university student in the US. It's definitely a different life than in Japan/Hong Kong and I cannot wait to see how it's like here. I'm very excited to spend 4 years at SLU and am looking forward to making more friends. 



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Japanese Cantonese English