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Class of 2023
Global Studies
My name is Elliott LaGorce, I am from Summit New Jersey, and I will be a senior this upcoming year at SLU.
Summer 2022

For this project I acted as an assistant to Blair Walsingham, the deputy political director for the Forward Party. The Forward Party is a new political party that's primary focuses are election reform and limiting the amount of polarization in politics. Most of my time was spent building and organizing spreadsheets that tracked the candidates, campaign finance data, and results of the ongoing primary elections in all 50 states across the U.S. I also formulated tweets with the help of Blair, who taught me about the ways political campaigns use social media to maximize their impact. I also summarized proposed bills that had not passed through congress so that the leaders within the party could readily answer any questions about the bills. I also worked on relationship mapping, which is linking Forward policy proposals with hot-button issues that dominate politics today like the economy and polarization. I did this to try and offer some unique viewpoints on how the Forward Party could highlight how their policies could help people.

United States of America