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My name is Yixiao Xie, a St.Lawrence student from China, Chengdu. I can speak two language English and Chinese.

I want to study in America when I was a middle school student, but at that time my English was extremely bad. Then I went to an international school to study language. It changed my life because it made my English better and I can finally go to America to study.

I choose Economics as my major since I was born in a business family and I am interested on marketing and business. My family also support me to do this since my older brother was studying in computer science at San Francisco, and they do not want two IT man in the family.

I like Chengdu food, which is peppery and spicy. Hot pot is my favorite and I had few hot pot dinner in SLU which is delicious.  I hope next time I can find some ingredients and seasoning to make a Chuanchuanxiang which is a fried sticked meat.


我的名字叫谢怿霄。我是一名St.Lawrence 大学的学生。我来自中国成都。我会说两种语言,中文和英文。




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Chinese and English