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Hello, I'm Yijia, from China, now studying at St. Lawrence University. I can speak two languages, Chinese and English. I like playing basketball and computer games. I'm a member of the game club.

I am interested in many different things, but I want to choose computer science because I think computers will play an important role in many fields.

I like walking in the forest. I like animals and plants, but I'm really afraid of insects = =. Besides, I really like our Chinese food. 😎


大家好,我是 Yijia,来自中国,现在就读于圣劳伦斯大学。我会说两种语言,中文和英文。我喜欢打篮球和电脑游戏,我是游戏俱乐部的成员。


我喜欢在森林里散步,我喜欢动物和植物,但我真的很害怕虫子= =。而且,我真的很喜欢我们的中国菜。😎

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Which languages do you speak?
Chinese, English