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I am Sam Yang, a Chinese from Chengdu, China, studying in St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, the United States of America. I can only speak Chinese and some English.

I grow up in a very traditional family which emphasizes the value of collectivism. When I was a kid, I was told that family is above everything because all thee things you do affect your family reputation. It is no doubts that all these factors made me into a collectivist.

I enjoy eating, playing video games, and reading all kinds of books. To spend time more efficient, I somehow managed to read and play games at the same time. Me personally prefer quiet space, so I mostly stay at home doing things alone during my vacations.

My career is undecided, yet. However, due to my Confucian belief, I want to be a bureaucrat in the future, which is considered an honorable position by Chinese people. I wish to bring honor and high reputation to my family which is my only goal for life.







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A photo of a the Yang home.