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Class of 2022
Business in the Liberal Arts
Spring 2020

Because of the generosity of the Weaver/ Nicolais family I was able to travel to Southern Spain in January of 2020 in the Spring Semester to conduct research. My project was called “Who Is Climbing?/ Quién está escalando? This project was done in order for me to research who occupies the climbing sites on the Mediterranean and what infrastructure needs to be in place to encourage increased and effective climbing. I was able to spend 9 days in Costa Blanca, Spain. Seven of those days were spent outside at several different climbing sites all located on the Mediterranean Sea. I was able to speak with people from all over the world that visited these sites. I was also able to observe that some of these locations had more human alterations added to them and their surroundings. I stayed in a climber’s hostel with people mostly from all over Europe and the person who owns it is a Costa Blanca native. Here are some visuals from my time climbing and doing research in Spain.

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