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Hello, I am Margeunsol Yang from Seoul, Korea. My friends call me Sola because it is difficult to pronounce my Korean name in English. I can speak Korean and English fluently, and Chinese a little. I like painting since I was young, so I am studying double majors in studio art and business. My painting is the mixture of two different cultural identities – Korea and the United States. I express my ideas shaped as Korean in the way of American contemporary art, and it makes my paintings very unique and creative. I grew up in a Christian family, so my values and thoughts were greatly influenced by my parents and Christianity. I love my family, friends, and people whom I met because every relationship with others is important to me. Korea is such a small country and it is the only divided country in the world, but I love my country and feel proud of being Korean.

 안녕하세요, 저는 한국의 서울에서 온 양맑은솔이에요. 제 한국어 이름은 영어로 발음하기가 어렵기 때문에 친구들은 저를 솔라라고 불러요. 저는 한국어와 영어를 잘하고, 중국어도 조금 할 줄 알아요. 어렸을 때부터 그림 그리는걸 좋아해서 지금은 미술과 경영 복수전공을 하고있어요. 제 그림은 한국과 미국이라는 두개의 다른 문화적 정체성을 가지고있어요. 미국 현대 미술 스타일로 한국인으로서 형성된 내 생각을 표현 할 때 저의 그림은 더욱 멋있어지고 특별해져요. 기독교 가정에서 자랐기 때문에 저의 가치관이나 사상은 부모님과 기독교의 영향을 많이 받았어요. 저에게 모든 인간관계는 중요하기 때문에 저는 저의 가족, 친구, 그리고제가 만난 모든 사람들을 사랑해요. 한국은 정말 작은 나라이고 세계 유일의 분단국가지만 저는 저의 나라를 사랑하고 한국인이라는 것에 자부심을 느껴요.

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