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Established in 2007 by Howard P. Harper ’58 in memory of his wife Barbara ’58. Preference is granted to students majoring in English or other humanities disciplines.

Psychological Portraits of Women: A Short Story Collection


The goal of my project was to write short stories serving as psychological portraits of individuals coming of age, with a thematic focus on familial independence and socioeconomic mobility. Throughout this project, I gained insight on the drafting process and how to use such processes to produce psychologically rich characters. For each of the two stories produced, I wrote three separate drafts, each with a distinct title and focus.

Power, Politics, and Plebeians in Shakespeare's Roman and Greek Plays


During the duration of her fellowship, Sam read and analyzed six of Shakespeare’s Roman and Greek plays. She also researched a variety of methodologies including, feminism, new historicism, and marxism. Her research into various methodologies showed her a variety of critical methods from which to approach writing her article, so that she could combine them to create her own unique methodology.