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Borjana Nikolić

Southeastern Europe is a mix of ethnicities, religions and traditions existing on the foundation of different cultural practices and politics.  The centuries of Ottoman rule on the Balkan peninsula had a profound effect on the culture and populations of the region. As a person born and raised in the Balkans, I have been fascinated by the nuances in the culture -what makes us different and what makes us similar, since my earliest childhood. My journey focused mostly on exploring cultures through music, food, fashion, tradition, history and lifestyles.

Alyssa Barrett


In the Spring of 2017, while studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, I was given the opportunity to embark on a culinary tour of Italy. My Enrichment Grant made it possible for me to see both Rome and Florence, Italy, while experiencing incredible Mediterranean cuisine every step of the way. I originally applied for such a grant because Italy is a cultural and culinary epicenter, and I didn’t feel my time abroad would be complete without experiencing it!