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Introduction English:

I am Yining Fan from Shaanxi Xi’an. I lived in Xi'an for my whole life, and begin my journey of studying in SLU in America at 2018 September. My family is a typical family with mother and father, and in 2007 my little bother came to my family as a part of it. I was put on big expectations by my family because I was the oldest one in the whole big family.

I was major in Philosophy and Psychology in SLU. Although I haven't declared my majors yet, I have worked on it for these two years in SLU. Philosophy is a attractive subject for me as it showed how different and sophistic human’s cognition toward the world can be. And the psychology is also a subject that want to focus on how human investigate and recognize yourself.

For my habits, I like drawing, which I also take a course in SLU about drawing. In this course I can have my whole heart focus on creating and drawing. I think this is the way how I relax myself and find the peace inside of me.


Introduction Chinese:




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