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Annabella Kennedy

I am an anthropology and geology double major from Troy, NY. I have done research in multiple geology subfields and geology-adjacent fields where I have had the opportunity to learn GIS, core trees, evaluate bias introduced through methodology, and much more. Most recently, I was a research intern at the Paleontological Research Institute in Ithaca, New York, where I worked with marine gastropods and taphonomic analysis. Along with geology, I am passionate about linguistics and how languages are made.

Anuva Anannya

Anuva Anannya, '22, is a Geology major and Anthropology minor at St. Lawrence University. She is planning to pursue Planetary Science in graduate school and later career. This interest led her to conduct a project on the contribution of clay minerals in Martian mass movements last summer. She continued this project during Summer 2021 with Helen Eifert '18 (who is now doing her PhD in Planetary Science in Northern Arizona University) and under the mentorship of Dr. Alexander K. Stewart (Chair of the SLU Geology Department).