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I am Masashi Tsutsumi, from Tokyo, Japan and I am a student at St. Lawrence University at Canton, N.Y. I speak Japanese and English fluently and I have lived in Tokyo, Vancouver, and New Hampshire before my time at St. Lawrence. 

I was born in 1999, and I grew up in Tokyo until I was 12. One of my hobbies as a child was skiing since the day my parents took me skiing when I was younger. Consequently, I fell in love with ski racing, and I have pursed the sport until this year 2019. The reason I moved to Vancouver and then later to New Hampshire was because of ski racing. I found an opportunity at both of those places and I thought that I could improve my skills as a ski racer and also as a well- rounded person. 

Although I have retired from the sport this spring, I have several passions in my life, and I am excited to pursue those objectives and built my life in the next four years at St. Lawrence University. 





1999 年生まれて12まて東京て育ちました。幼い時の趣味はスキ親か初め てスキに連れて行ってくれた時から好きになりました。そのおかけアルヘンスキ と言うスポーツを始め、今年の引退まて12年間レとして、活動していました。 ングーとニュハンフシャに引っ越した理由はスキの技術向上と人間性を豊 かにしたかったからてす。 



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Japanese and English