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Class of 2024
Data Science
Performance and Communication Arts
I am a senior at St. Lawrence University. I am from Seattle, Washington and am a Data Science major with a Communications minor. Outside of the classroom I am president of the Delta Delta Delta sorority on campus and a Student Ambassador for Admissions. In my spare time I like...
Summer 2023

My key responsibilities during my internship as a Research Assistant at U.S. News included:

1. I was tasked with mining data on related companies for both the Best Hospitals and Best Colleges & Universities Rankings. I utilized complex Excel formulas, and employed various research tools to compile and organize substantial datasets. 

2. My work contributed to the company's mission of empowering individuals with valuable information for making informed decisions in the areas of education and healthcare.

3. I collaborated closely with different teams to understand their specific business needs. I was an effective communicator and presented data to assist the teams.

4. The work environment was fast-paced, with a lot of deadlines. This experience taught me how to efficiently and accurately handle large datasets within a high-pressure setting. Summer is the busiest time for the Specialty Marketing team, and therefore there was a lot of pressure to perform.

5. I had the opportunity to interact with different departments within the organization. This exposure included participation in a weekly guest speaker series with people from every different department each week. It allowed me to gain insights into the various departments and roles within the company. I was also a part of the "Buddy Program", and was paired with a higher up in the company in a different department. She was able to teach me about her role and how it differs and plays a role in U.S. News. 

United States of America