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Class of 2023
Zhuoer Li is an international student from Qingdao, China. She attended United World College Thailand before coming to St. Lawrence University. It has been her fourth year studying away from home. Through this process, she has gained cultural understanding and compassion towards the global community. She is dedicated to serving...

This literature review gives a chronological outlook of Chinese people’s perspective on Black people and the racial interactions between these two groups. This paper covers from ancient Chinese perspective recorded in classics to 2010s online databases towards foreign entities, especially the Black community. Given the ideologies of each historical period, attitudes towards blackness adhere accordingly. A roadmap of Chinese perspective on black community provides context for studying racial interactions in modern Chinese cities which start to see an increasing number of black people. I will utilize the knowledge from the literature review to conduct qualitative research in my hometown city Qingdao (China) during summer 2021. A series of open-ended questions will be asked to the participants (Black international students and Qingdao people) in Qingdao via semi-structured interviews. I will code my interview data using MAXQDA (qualitative data analysis software). Through analyzing these data, I will make recommendations in an action plan targeting on fostering peace between these two groups.