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Class of 2023
My name is Kayiranga Shami Robin, a Catholic from Kigali, Rwanda. I am currently studying in Saint-Laurent. I speak three languages ​​fluently; Kinyarwanda, English and French and let's say I can buy products on a market in two other languages; Chinese and Swahili. I like hip hop culture, especially rap...


Sponsoring Department

My research project this summer aimed at determining the sequence of different peroxides present in membranipora RNA samples. By the means of using a transcriptome, a hypothetical DNA sequence of the different peroxides was theorized. By using the theoretical sequence, primers were made and used to perform an RT-PCR. The obtained DNA was inserted into a plasmid vector and cloned. The cloning process allowed DNA sequencing to be carried out. After this process, the actual DNA sequence of peroxidase mRNA was determined. In carrying out this process I gained expertise in techniques such as gel electrophoresis, plasmid isolation, primer determination, and RT-PCR. Furthermore, using the data of the DNA sequence of the peroxidase RNA molecules present in membranipora, we will fabricate RNA probes with a fluorescence gene. In a process called Insitu hybridization, the DNA probes will bind to RNA molecules present in the cell and the fluorescence will be able to be seen by means of confocal microscopy.

United States of America