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Class of 2023
Environmental Studies
Educational Studies
Grace Brouillette, class of 2023 of St. Lawrence University (SLU), is an environmental studies major and an educational studies minor. She is heavily involved in SLU's select chamber choir, the Laurentian Singers, as well as her work-study at the WORD Studio, SLU's communication center. She is one of three student...
Summer 2022

Green Mountain Farm-to-School (GMFTS) is an environmental education non-profit that strives to connect local communities in VT with their food system through education and locally sourced, fresh food. The organization has two main focuses: food-based education and delivering healthy foods to its community members through the implementation of a food hub and food truck.


Prior to starting my nine-week internship, I made three main goals for the summer, which are listed below:

  • Further explore and learn from leadership opportunities during my internship
  • Develop experience in a non-profit workplace setting in both a formal office setting and a more informal, hands-on outdoor, educational setting
  • Gain expertise in creating food system-related educational materials for a wide array of audiences

During my internship, the three main projects that I was involved in were as follows:

  • Managing the Charleston Elementary School and Brighton Elementary School gardens, including organizing volunteers in the community to help with this
  • Assisting one of my co-workers, Meggie,¬†with the Lunchbox Program, which is a food truck that hands out free meals to kids under 18 in three different locations in the Northeast Kingdom. I went to one of the locations each week and helped Meggie co-table the education table
  • Revamping and researching information around dairy in VT, as well as globally, to create new curriculum for a unit lesson for 4th-grade classrooms throughout the Northeast Kingdom

Through my internship, I gained confidence in my leadership abilities, connected with incredible individuals from an organization that is working toward a mission I truly believe in, and dabbled in curriculum writing. With this being the first full-time internship that was at an organization that crossed my interests in both environmental studies and education, I truly was able to dive deep into an area that I know I will want to continue working in career-wise as I look toward my last year at SLU and what lies ahead for me.

Newport, VT
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