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Established in 2004 in memory of Dennis Richey ’74, by friend and classmate Gerry Lauro ’74, this fund supports the University Fellows program.

Philosophical Approach to Mental Health

My paper titled, Philosophical Approach to Mental Health, addresses the increasing concerns with the current interventions for mental health problems. After a comparative analysis of the traditional medical model of psychotherapy with the relatively new and niche topic of philosophical counseling, I draw a new version of philosophical counseling based on the scientific and clinical advantages of psychotherapy and the philosophically embodied methods and contents from philosophical counseling. Bringing philosophy down to earth for daily applications and practice along with the aid of professional psychological insight, this new approach to mental health benefits the general public and potential clients by promoting people to live an authentic life under self-examination and reflection, which eventually leads to improving one's well-being.

The Romanian-American Experience Through Four Short Stories


For my Fellowship this summer I produced and published a collection of four short fiction stories that explored the experience of a Romanian family as they immigrate to the U.S, assimilate, and grow apart as time passes. These stories were inspired by a piece I created for my advanced fiction class in the fall 2021 semester, as well as my own personal experience with my Romanian-American family.